Golfing Guest

Dress Code

All golfers shall wear appropriate golf attire. Blue denim jeans, denim shorts, denim shirts, tennis shorts, cut-offs, frayed shorts, “short shorts,” sweat pants, cargo shorts, athletic shorts, tank tops and halter tops are not permitted. Males are required to wear shirts with collars or crewneck golf shirts with a collar of no less than 1 1/4" in width. Hats shall be worn front bill and shirts shall be tucked in.

Food & Beverage

For your convenience, beverages and light snacks are available on the course. For additional fare, we suggest our on-the-course food ordering as an option.  This is available through the beverage cart attendant, and will be ready when you have finished your round.


Parking and Bag Drop

To drop off your clubs, please pull into the valet located at the front of Ansley Golf Club. From there, our complimentary valet will gladly help you with your clubs and park your car. Your clubs will be taken directly to the Golf Pro Shop.

Golf Pro Shop

The Ansley Golf Pro Shop is located on the first floor of the clubhouse. From the front entrance of the clubhouse, please take the stairs to the right down to the first level and then turn left. Our Golf Pro Shop check-in is at the cashier desk. 


Parking and Bag Drop

Pull to the front of the clubhouse and you'll notice a bag drop sign. Leave your golf bags at the drop and press the button to notify the Golf Pro Shop that your clubs are ready at the bag drop. A member of the staff will pick up your bag from the bag drop and take it down the hill to the Golf Pro Shop.

Golf Pro Shop

The Settindown Golf Pro Shop is located on the first floor of the clubhouse. When you walk in the front doors of the club, make a right turn and take the stairs down to the Pro Shop. It will be right in front of you at the bottom of the stairs.