Pool & Aquatics Guest

General Information

If you are joining a member at the pool, please sign-in before entering the pool at either one of our gated pool entrances.  A member must invite you to be their guest at our swimming pool. 
For your convenience, our Club provides towels. Located by the restroom, you will find an attendant who will provide you with towels. Food and drinks are also available poolside.

Youth Swim Policy

When you come through the gate, you will need to identify any swimmer(s) you have with you that are 10 years and younger (even if they are not getting in the pool). The gate attendant will check the list to see if your swimmer(s) are already listed as a qualified swimmer. If your swimmer(s) are listed as qualified swimmer(s), you will be permitted through to the pool gate and will NOT have to wear an orange wrist band. If your swimmer(s) are NOT on the qualified swimmer(s) list the following steps will be taken:

1.  You and the swimmer(s) you are responsible for will be required to wear an orange wrist band. While in the big pool, the responsible adult will be required to be in the pool with the swimmer(s) at all times and within arms reach of the unqualified swimmer(s).

2.  You will have the option of having your swimmer(s) take a short swim test so their name(s) can be added to the list of qualified swimmers. Once the test is passed neither one of you will be required to wear the wrist band and their name(s) will be added to the list.

Swim Diapers

All children under the age of 3 are required to wear an Ansley approved swim diaper. These are reusable diapers made of impermeable fabric with elastic at the waist and legs. Approved swim diapers are for sale at the pool merchandise room. The lifeguards will conduct diaper checks on a random basis.